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Freelance illustratie

Looking for a creative illustrator? Need help for your business or as a customer? I can help by making custom illustrations! I'm located in Kortrijk/Belgium. Besides illustration I also have experience with video content (short and long form), crocheting and other crafts.

How does it work?
I work with a 'kunstenaarskaart'. This means I have limits on how much I can earn and how much I work. We can discuss this when you contact me!


Reviews from clients
"SUPER MOOI WERK GELEVERD! Echt veel mooier dan hoe ik het in mijn hoofd had. Je bent echt super om mee te werken!"
- Birgit @ Kortrijk


I would recommend to check out my portfolio to see which style of illustration you prefer the most. I do both digital art and drawings on paper.

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