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100% eco-friendly gifts and designs from Kortrijk!

Hippie Hooray, an eco-friendly and fun studio from Belgium.We want to make contributing to a better world easy and fun. Instead of losing our faith, we focus on the positive side while also being sustainable and realistic.

What does sustainability mean to us?
Hippie Hooray is more than giving our products and packaging an eco-friendly facade. Examples: We make sure the items are made in good conditions - Our items are produced in Europe (as local as possible every time) and they are vegan friendly - We plant a tree with each order.

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Here's what our costumers say about the Hippie Hooray shop:

The shipping didn‘t even take 3 whole days! Can‘t believe how fast it was shipped from Belgium to Germany!

Clara H.

My order arrived quickly to the UK and was wrapped so prettily! Love my dinosaur pin.


I have bought several products from Hippie Hooray and all of them were carefully made. Costumer service is also always on point.

Melanie DP.
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About our eco-friendly gifts and designs

Hippie Hooray sells -custom made or not- eco gifts and designs. The name is inspired by ‘hip hip hooray’, because here it’s all about celebrating. Eco-friendliness is a party! We went with ‘hippie’ because Eva, the owner of the shop, is a bit of a hippie herself. She always had the need to contribute to the world. This resulted into a sustainable gift webshop with products made in Europe. We order a small stock each time, which makes the present even more unique! Recently we also started offering custom designs to other businesses and individuals to up their party or event game. Feel free to contact us through social media to have a chat with us.

Making a difference

We want to inspire others to take care of the planet and each other.


we will always try to do 'the right' thing.

Having fun

A serious subject doesn't have to be boring, it can be handled in a more playful way.

In 2018 we raised €450 for Ecoduikers vzw
We donated €15 euro to NSEFU so far

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