Installation: Micro Dancing (motion detecting + sound generating)

As a school assignment Sheila and I worked on a motion detecting and sound generating installation for children. I wanted to post this project on this site to show that I am open for new challenges and eager to learn. We also upcycled and made an illustration on some foam tiles.

Micro organisms dance around us in the air, but we wanted to make children dance around micro organisms! We knew pretty soon we wanted to hang up upcycled items, sensors and lights. Every item / micro organism has its own sensor and light. When the sensor detects motion the light reacts and a sound is generated (with Max and Ableton). We used Arduino to write the code.

It took some time to design the construction made out of pvc tubes and even longer to put everything together. There also were a lot of wires. Thankfully we got some help from my boyfriend and his dad!

The micro organisms are built out of plastic bottles. We cut, bent and reshaped the plastic and glued everything together until it looked like a decent organism.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design

I made an illustration of micro organisms and Sheila painted them on a bunch of foam tiles.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design

We also made a short video to show the progress of making this installation:



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