7 Reasons Why The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle is Good For You

Written by Amanda Hiruta and Evert Mussche

We have talked about many things until now. We helped you make an Eco-Christmas plan, as well as a clean Valentine’s Day. We also gave you some tips about what we all can compromise on doing in this new year

Now we felt like it’s time to talk about lifestyle. Yes, because you and I both know that sometimes it can get tiring and frustrating, and when it does, we can even feel like we’re doing a favor to someone else. 

There’s no need to feel guilty, it’s natural. Even more given how it can be difficult to stay positive and optimistic sometimes, especially if you follow the news. What we need to do is shift our perspective. 

So! Let’s talk a little about why going eco-friendly isn’t just about doing good for the planet and the future generations, but also for your physical and mental health! That way when you buy a gift from Hippie Hooray’s webshop you can feel super satisfied about your sustainable lifestyle.

1. You save a lot of money

One of the main aspects of the eco-friendly lifestyle is the change in the way we buy and consume things. It’s really that simple: the less you buy, the less you spend. The ideal is to buy as little as possible, because there are things that cost too many resources to make, like clothing and personal hygiene items, for example. Now, there’s this notion that reusable or more durable products are more expensive, and this is usually correct. 

But think about it. If you buy better quality items, whatever they are, it will take longer to replace them, so you’re actually spending less! Think of it as an investment. The items in our shop are all reusable, good quality and the price is average. Our Eco Survival Gift box is actually cheap AF.

2. It’s good for your health

We know you’re probably tired of hearing this, but it’s worth it to repeat. Not only the whole ‘trade your car for your bike more often’ thing. Even though it is good for your heart! 

It’s also good to remember that the eco-friendly lifestyle is good for your health in many other ways. When you buy your food from local, small farmers, you’re not only encouraging local, small business, but you’re also eating healthier. When you make the decision to carpool or take the bus, it’s actually nice to remember that fine dust is the cause of many respiratory diseases, especially in children. 

3. It lifts up the spirits

Doing the right thing feels good, doesn’t it? This reason alone is the most encouraging thing, but, there’s even more to it! Actions involving ecological and social responsibilities can really improve your mood and even your mental health. 

It’s not just the sensation of doing the right thing alone, but the feeling of commitment, of purpose and the sense of belonging. When you commit to help your community, plant a tree, help in the community garden, you’ll see the results of your hard work in the way you’ll feel about yourself. Don’t forget you can always interact with us on Instagram @hippiehoorayshop and become part of the community!

Or maybe you’re feeling tired and a little overwhelmed with work, but don’t have the time and the money to go on an expensive trip at the other side of the world. But have you already visited that cute little coffee shop downtown that you’ve always thought of visiting but always left it for later? Or maybe the nearby city that has good restaurants and amazing views? 

Doing a short trip not only saves fuel, as it also saves a lot of money and time! Try some of those things the next time you’re feeling down.

4. It gives you a whole new relationship with food

As a modern society, our relationship with food can be a little problematic, to say the least. We grew used to not giving the attention our food deserves. When we don’t ask ourselves where this food comes from, how it is grown and if it is actually good for us, we’re not just ignoring issues like packaging waste, CO2 emissions and agrotoxins. We’re putting our own health on the line. 

Also, when you start learning about clean eating, it’s inevitable that you’ll start cooking at home a lot more, which is also healthier by itself, and it’s a lot of fun, too! It is possible to engage the whole family in the process, especially the children. When children are drawn closer to the food source and the process of making meals, they develop much more respect for it in the future, which also prevents waste and bad eating habits. 

Need a super cute produce bag for your healthy foods? Say no more, click here.

5. It’s stylish

Thrift shopping and DIYs for clothing, accessories and household objects are a lot more fun than regular shopping and you know it! It’s fun, interesting, correct and have many benefits! 

When you decide to buy second hand, you expand your chances to find beautiful items, that have history and are very unique. When you decide to make it yourself, you can make sure it fits you perfectly and has your personality. When you buy from a small business, you’ll have something unique, properly made and also encourages someone else’s talents! 

6. It forces you out of your comfort zone

Feeling as if you could use some change of life? Well, this is what you need. When you start engaging in an eco-friendly lifestyle, you’ll see how different things will be. 

You’ll meet new people, online and offline. You’ll discover new influencers and YouTube channels (be sure to check out ours!), you’ll start using Pinterest and learning how to do things yourself. You’ll learn new places, new ways to shop and travel and you’ll learn how to cook! 

7. It sets a good example for younger generations

You don’t need to have children, or a niece, or even a younger brother to care about the future. If we don’t take care of our problems now, our younglings will inherit the worst situation in our history. We know this isn’t fair. 

When you respect what will end up in their hands, you teach them to do the same, and in a good cycle, we’re basically solving some of our biggest problems! It’s all in our little actions. 

Especially now that the climate change is so critical and there are still  people who are trying to deny it, we need to get closer to younger generations to ensure they focus on the right things. And then, we will connect with them, make friends and strengthen our relationships with them, being part of a good, healthy education, based on scientific facts, and even during their meals and the importance of food and water consumption. 

There’s many other ways in which an eco-friendly lifestyle can be good for you. We hope we could shed light on some of them! In the end, it’s every little thing that you can do, with patience, love and optimism, that will help us save our world! 

As always, thank you so much for reading! 

Remember to love, be kind and support small businesses! 

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