New Year’s Resolutions that will Save the Planet

Written by Amanda Hiruta and Evert Mussche

Happy new year! We from Hippie Hooray sincerely hope you had a magical New Year’s Eve with all of your loved ones.

So, ‘new year, new me’, isn’t that what people usually say? New year’s resolution have a bad reputation, we all know it. Right before the fireworks start, we usually go over everything we are planning to do for the upcoming year and we make a lot of promises.

You know what I’m talking about. Start going to the gym or going back to the gym, start saving money, eating healthier or taking that class you always wanted but didn’t get the time. Most of these resolutions fall short right at the beginning of the new year, and this has many reasons, but these are the most important two: lack of commitment and unrealistic expectations.

There’s lack of commitment because we don’t have much sense of urgency, or we don’t usually grasp how important the subject is. In our busy lives, it’s easy to postpone our health and our growth. Also, we usually feel so disappointed when it’s March and we still haven’t started anything, because we had unrealistic expectations about how much time, energy or money we would have to accomplish what we promised ourselves we were going to do.

I know, I know. It’s just January, and we have no intention to make anyone feel bad. What we want to suggest here is a little shift in the way we have all been thinking about resolutions, so please hear us out!

What if we told you we were probably thinking about this whole resolution thing the wrong way, at least for the past few years. Maybe New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be all about what we can do for ourselves, but what we, as human beings, can do for our planet, our community, our reality. I’m not saying your personal satisfaction and growth aren’t important, but think about it. You can combine the two, because buying local and organic, unpackaged and unprocessed food is an eco-friendly choice and it’s also healthier. Choosing your bike instead of your car is not just reducing CO2 emissions, but it’s also exercise. These are just two examples to begin with!

It’s all about doing your part for a greater good.

So, we took the time to write down five simple suggestions for you to think (or re-think) your New Year’s resolutions! 

Ecological Footprint

If you don’t already know what it is, Ecological Footprint is the way experts found to calculate how much of our valuable resources we’re using on our lifestyle. Basically, it calculates how many Planet Earths we would need if everyone lived like we do.

Compromising on reducing your Ecological Footprint includes many areas, like the frequency you eat meat and other animal products, how frequently you use your car or travel by airplane. Now, if you’re not vegan and you have to drive or travel for work, we understand. Just keep in mind that by reducing your animal products consumption in half, you already reduce 40% of your footprint, for example.

Low Waste

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Oh, here they go, talking about trash again’. And yes, we are.

I can’t stress enough how important this subject is. Experts calculate we must reduce at least 45% of our carbon emissions by the end of the decade, so the Earth doesn’t get to the no turning point. If it was a sense of urgency that we needed, well, here it is. 

Thinking low (or zero) waste means thinking about it even before you start online shopping, or before you go to the grocery store. Plastic costs us a lot. Not all wood or paper are harvested ethically. Look around you and I bet you can see at least three thing that would usually end up in the trash bin, that can be reused for something else!

Buy Clean and Cruelty-Free

That’s it, it can’t be more clear. We’ve already talked about Ecological Footprint, carbon emissions and waste, so let’s talk about our role as buyers. Yes, because when we talk about those things, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘the government must do something!’

We’re not wrong. We must pressure our governments to take the right decisions when it’s about our environment, but there’s also the things that are in our power to change. You know? Be the change you want to see in the world, as they say.

We are the customers, so everything that the industry makes, they make for us to buy. We have the power of the decision here, to say ‘I’m not paying for this as long as it isn’t fit to my moral compass’. If we buy something that comes out of the pain of innocent animals or the waste of our resources, we’re not merely condoning it, we’re fueling it.

Making the right decision when shopping is so, so important, especially in a broken system that thrives on cruelty, waste and slavery.

PS. Everything we sell at our shop is sustainable and cruelty-free! Here’s what customers say about our products:


Yes, of course, because it doesn’t make any sense to wait for the Estate to do something if we don’t even get to choose people who better represent our values, right? The climate change matter is far greater than politics or the right or left subject, but there are people out there willing to change things for the better and they deserve a chance!

Support Non-Profit Organizations

They have been making amazing progress in our world lately! Where the government fails, it’s them who are rescuing animals, helping to contain wildfires and informing people about global warming and other important matters. We understand that it isn’t always easy to donate money, but we are able to give time, attention and voluntary work!

Whew… I guess this is it. And please, keep in mind you don’t have to do everything by yourself, and you don’t have to be perfect all the time! We’re all in this together, and it’s in the little things we are able to do in our everyday lives, that will make the difference in the end. Making little sacrifices is going to be so worth it and you won’t even feel like it’s a sacrifice after a while!

I’m going to leave two links, one for you to calculate your Ecological Footprint and one post about what we can do about climate change that is going to help you through this journey!

Footprint Calculator

Ten Simple Ways to Act on Climate Change

We wish you a wonderful year, filled with joy and accomplishments. 2020 isn’t going to be too easy, as you probably can see already, but it’s going to be our chance to become our better selves, set our priorities straight and let our love for our planet and our people guide us through the challenges!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Remember to love, be kind and support small businesses!

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