Sustainable Christmas Guide

Written by Amanda Hiruta and Eva Baete

It is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? We all know how the end of the year can be crazy and exhausting, as much as it is fun and heartwarming. We’re running around, shopping for gifts, cooking for Christmas’ Eve, all of this while planning parties, hosting guests and working! 
And we, who are constantly worrying about the environment, have sustainability to consider as well. We’re trying to do all of this, while managing to reduce our waste and searching for eco-friendly gift ideas. Whew! 

Well, we at Hippie Hooray already solved the problem with the gifts ;). Now we’re here to add more fun to your Christmas as well! So, grab a hot cocoa and stick with me for a fun, heartwarming, eco-friendly Christmas Guide!  


We can all agree that the do it yourself culture is rooted in the hearts of the majority of people who are trying to live a zero-waste life. It is not only effective when it comes to reuse materials, as it is fun and many times safe to do with the kids! 

This DIY Natural Christmas Decoration is seriously pretty and fun. Besides, they’re all done with natural materials that are either reusable or organic. You can try at least two, right? (image credit: Mindful of the Home)

Now, we know that decorations are just the beginning. There are another two major steps that make a Christmas party complete, and you already know what they are: food and presents!
It’s easy to be wasteful in this time of the year, specially when it comes to food and even wrapping the gifts, so here are some little tips you can keep in mind when shopping, cooking or giving the final touches to your party.

Have a plan for your food

Plan away what you are going to do with your leftovers even before you start cooking! There are many ideas on Pinterest that will help you reduce what ends up in the trash. Also, stick to your grocery list so you don’t overbuy, and give away some of your leftovers.
Don’t forget to ask your guests to bring their own reusable containers! Everybody can enjoy more than one meal of whatever deliciousness you’re preparing, right?

Stick to your morals when shopping for presents

We already compromise to choose what is right when it comes to buying things for ourselves. So, it is only fair if we do it for everything we buy, including the gifts for our loved ones.
Always remember to:
Buy local or second handed. (If its pretty and in good condition, there’s nothing wrong with it!) Ask for reduced packaging. If ordering online, request items shipped together. Use recycled wrapping paper!
There are also things we can consider for this Holiday season, like how important it is to share valuable memories with our loved ones than the mere exchange of gifts. As for presents, they can be more correct and more fun than a actual, physical present. It could be an experience, for example! Gifting someone concert tickets, or a trip to a museum, can be as meaningful as an article of clothing or a book. 

Like I said in the last post, the whole meaning of Christmas should be extended to appreciating the presence of our loved ones and caring about the future of our planet and our kids. Every effort we make in order to help and make our planet a better place is valuable and is worth it. 

Support a Small Business

Want to buy a fun gift for a loved one? Try to buy local and/or support a small business. Hippie Hooray, for example, offers a few durable gift boxes on the webshop! Have a look below.

We took most of these tips out of these two posts about low-waste Christmas: Zero-Waste Christmas and Eco-friendly Christmas Present Guide. For more tips on what you could do to make your party even more awesome, you should definitely take a look!

We from Hippie Hooray wish you a delightful (and mindful!) Christmas! Thank you for reading! 
Remember to love, be kind and support small businesses! 

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