Eco-friendly Packaging 101

Written by Amanda Hiruta and Evert Mussche

That’s the question… Right?

I know, I know. In the last post we promised you that this wasn’t going to be boring, and we’re keeping this promise. Recycling doesn’t have to be a boring subject at all. Actually, on the contrary, it can be pretty fun, so stay with me on this.

Imagine the following scenario: you ordered something from a well-known webshop (Hippie Hooray for example). You receive the package, you open it in a hurry to check if everything is okay, and it’s exactly what you wanted. You’re happy with your order, and so, what happens with the packaging in this scenario?

Now, let’s imagine the packaging here for a minute. It’s usually a cardboard box, with lots of tape and plastic bubble wrapping. The obvious destiny is in the trash, because it’s not that pleasant looking and it takes up too much space. We all have thrown something away without giving it a second thought, especially because what else could we do with it?

There are several aspects to our behaviour towards what goes in the trash and what doesn’t. The most important one is that we usually stop thinking about what we could do with things once they are done with their primary purpose.
It’s great if you already separate your trash, but the ideal is to reduce it to the minimum possible. I’m not asking for you to load your house with ugly cardboard and piles of plastic.

So, what if something is too cute for you to throw it away?

We’ve all felt it too, like it’s such a shame to throw away a nice box or a pretty bag. So what do we do? We find it another purpose.
Thanks to the miracle of the internet (and sites like Pinterest!) we have tons of ideas for good DIYs with reusable materials, all of them easy and fun for you to do, even with the kids. But you don’t have to get creative or crafty all the time. What if I say that there’s already a package so cute and as eco-friendly as possible, that you could give as a gift to your loved ones, or keep it to yourself, not just it’s contents, but also the box itself.

Well, then, take a look!

Upgraded fun illustrated mail box | Item for sale at Hippie Hooray shop

Isn’t it the cutest thing? How could you throw something like that away? Besides, you have four content options for your gift box, so you can choose the perfect holiday present.

Your gift box will be sent to you with the gifts, a card with a custom message and a little recycling guide. You can rest assured that all of our packaging is eco-friendly (recycled or FSC labeled and printed with water-based ink). A good example is that the tissue paper and tape used in and/or on our boxes are from Noissue, who plant a tree for every order, so they can compensate for the carbon emission. Isn’t that wonderful?

Also, if you order multiple items or multiple boxes, they’ll be sent in compostable poly mailers.

Now, eco-friendly fact time! 

If you don’t know what an FSC label means, look no further. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. If you pay attention, you’ll see this label on many products, wood or paper based, from a book shelf to your favorite book. This label means that by choosing this product, you’re helping to take care of the forests around the world. 

FSC labeled products’ materials are either from certified, well-managed forests, or are one hundred percent recycled. You really should go to their website and take a look! Also, start to look for their label when shopping. 

Given how massive our eco footprint has been lately, I can’t stress enough how important it is to reuse materials, specially paper and plastic. Plastic not only takes hundreds of years to decompose, as it also consumes valuable resources that could be used for more important things. 

Thinking about it, nothing speaks more to the real meaning of the Holidays than caring about our loved ones and our beloved planet. Shopping for gifts can and should be as sustainable as it is fun, and the act of caring should be extended to the thought of making a better future for our younglings.

Thank you so much for reading!

Remember to love, be kind and celebrate the Holidays by supporting small businesses!

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