What Makes a Brand like us Sustainable?

Written by Amanda Hiruta and Evert Mussche

We at Hippie Hooray are fully aware of how boring subjects such as sustainability and global warming can be. We get it. We really do.

We’re all learning how we can help. We’re trying to produce as little trash as possible, searching for eco and vegan-friendly products, all of this while hearing terrifying news about the future of our planet. It is easy to fall in cycle of exhaustion.

But what if I told you not everything around sustainable consumption has to be like this? This is our deal: making sustainable, vegan-friendly gifts for everyone, that are really cute, fun, and also leave us satisfied for doing what is right, with high quality and fair prices.

So, what are we already doing for our clients and our planet?

High quality products

Eco-friendly packaging isn’t enough, and you know it. By making sure our products are made properly, with durable materials, we ensure everything you purchase is going to last.

This is the team. Hello!

Produced locally

Again, the quality. By ensuring everything is produced as local as possible, we guarantee that every product will be held to high standards. Keeping things local isn’t easy and it’s definitely not cheap, but we believe that contributing to our economy and producing what is best for you and your children is way more important.


Absolutely no animals are harmed during the production of our materials or our product. Not a bunny, not a beatle. None. Yay!

Actually we’re totally against animal cruelty!


Last year we were able to raise €450 for Ecoduikers vzw. They are deeply committed to cleaning the north sea and could use all the help we can give.

Now, what else could we do, you may ask. That’s a good question. Hippie Hooray is currently looking into ways to offset the carbon emissions of each and every order.

As for you, our beloved client, there’s also things you can do as a customer, that don’t have to be boring, exhausting or frustrating. Fun things, like buying second hand, creating things yourself (trying to always use durable materials!), supporting small businesses (like Hippie Hooray 😉) and buying local.

Instead of being overwhelmed, we can choose to be cheerful and optimistic, while supporting one another. This is our true mission, to do what is right in a fun and realistic way, hoping to inspire others to do the same.

Thank you for reading! Remember to love, be kind and support small businesses!
Find more about us at www.hippiehooray.be and @hippiehoorayshop (Instagram and Pinterest).

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