What is sustainability to us?

What is sustainability? According to the dictionary:

noun. the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. Environmental Science. the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance: The committee is developing sustainability standards for products that use energy.

Hippie Hooray is more than giving our products and packaging an eco-friendly facade! It’s all about the details and what happens behind the scenes.

What does Hippie Hooray do to stay sustainable?

  • We use durable materials that are easy to recycle or upcycle. With every order we include a ‘recycle guide’ to let you know what to do in case your item breaks. It also says how to recycle the packaging.
  • Our packaging is eco-friendly as well (we’ll make a blogpost about this later on). The gift boxes are used to give as a gift, but it doubles as a mailing box. You can use the gift box as a decoration (for example in your working space).
  • We produce our items in Europe (as local as possible every time) and under good conditions. We also only sell in Europe to reduce the shipping distance. We’re currently looking into neutralizing the carbon emissions of each order!
  • You can use our items for multiple end goals. We want to go beyond what the label says, because most of our items can be used for different purposes. Get three for one, that’s what sustainability is about! An example is our multi-purpose fabric wraps.
  • Our items are always vegan friendly! We want to take care of everyone on our planet.
  • The inks we use are eco-friendly and water based. No bad chemicals here!

PS. If our current products aren’t made with the most durable materials, we’ll update this as soon as possible! It always says what the item is made of in the description of the product. We’re still expanding our shop and it’s not always easy for us to go with the most durable option from the beginning. If you support us you give us the option to invest in better materials 🙂

Extra: We support a good, small charity now and then!

Check out our products here. Have a nice day and see you next time! xxx Eva

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