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Mei Plastic Vrij | Quick tips to avoid disposable plastics

Hi everyone! As you might know it’s ‘Mei Plastic Vrij’ here in Belgium, which challenges people to go plastic free for the month of May. In this post I’ll give some tips on how you can do an effort as well!

Buy glass, cardboard or metal packaging instead

These materials can be recycled a lot more times compared to plastic.

Reject plastic straws and bags

You can bring your own! Have you seen our tote bags yet?

Buy plastic free toiletry items (but first use your current ones)

Waste free stores, bio shops and on the internet are great to look for plastic free shower items, makeup, toothpaste,… Lush is also one of my favourites. PS. We have made our own plastic free soap for charity a year ago so check it out if you’d like!

Take your own container or produce bag with you to buy food

It might be weird at first to ask it at a market or shop, but you can’t know it if you don’t ask! We also sell our own produce bags if you’re still one the lookout for some.

Clean your local streets from trash

Join Laura From The Desert on her less waste journey and participate at #trashfreetuesdays! Pick up all the waste you can find on Tuesday and don’t forget to tag her on Instagram.

Probably the most effective one: reach out to your local stores and ask to sell less plastic packaged items

We need to get to the core of the problem and if stores sell less plastic there will be less demand for it (so less production of plastic).

I hoped these quick tips gave you some inspiration. To be honest I’m not feeling that great lately (changed up my medication), so I really hope this small blogpost is enough! See you next time, byebye!

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