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Earth Day: Support a charity (Nsefu)

Hi everyone, for Earth day we wanted to talk a bit about something you can do to help the earth: supporting a charity. We want to create more products in the future of which a part of the income goes to a charity. For now we are contributing to Nsefu and in this blogpost we’ll talk a bit about this charity.

“The non-profit, charitable Nsefu (pronounced Ne-Se’-Fu) Wildlife Conservation Foundation was established in 2015 to stop poaching and to protect wildlife in the game-rich Nsefu sector of Zambia, Africa.”

For each animal print we sell we donate €1 to Nsefu! We haven’t donated yet (we first want to reach a certain goal), but we’ll let you know through social media when this happens. For these prints we wanted to illustrate animal species threatened with extinction. We chose Nsefu because Zambia is full of wildlife that needs to be protected and in the meantime they help their employees to rise above poverty.

Something more about the situation (copied from their Powerpoint):

96 Elephants are killed every single day, 365 days a year.
We have less than 8 years to prevent their extinction in the wild.
They are killed for their ivory driven by black market demand in Asia where ivory is considered a status symbol.
Rhinos number less than 25,000 and 4 species have been deemed extinct as of the last 15 years.
Lions number less than 25,000 and only exist in 6 countries anymore.
Giraffes are experiencing a silent extinction due to trophy hunting and bush meat. Currently their numbers stand at less than 40,000.

In 2018, our Nsefu Wildlife Rangers have made over 50 poacher arrests.
Nsefu arrests have resulted in a high conviction rate.
Close to 1000 snares have been collected.
Multiple guns, rifles and other poaching contraband have been confiscated.

They also help children with their education through Chabwela, a school.
“Part of Nsefu Wildlife’s multi-pronged approach is engaging the children with their wildlife. We’re trying to teach children that the animals are not just beasts of burden or pests as they are taught growing up.”

On top of that they teach people to do beekeeping and how to sew to get a propper income.

As you can see we have chosen a great charity to support! If you want to support them as well, you can buy one or more of our animal prints here.

You can subscribe to our newsletter here and follow us on Instagram if you’d like. If you want more information about Nsefu you can visit their site here.

See you next time, byebye!

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