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Hello everyone! A week ago I got interviewed by Jennifer from about my career as a student entrepreneur. I wanted to share the interview on our blog as well, because it might be interesting to other students who want to undertake similar plans. You can read the interview in Dutch here.

Hi Eva! Can you tell us what you’re studying but also what your company Brainfog is all about?

Hello! I have been a student entrepreneur since September and I also started doing some Network Economy classes in Kortrijk. This is a course for future entrepreneurs who, for example, want to start their own business. Back then I still did some classes from Devine (digital design and development) where I learned a lot about graphic design. In the meantime I’m graduated from Devine, hooray!

I’ve been busy developing my brand a lot more in detail during the past six months. We started with some prints and t-shirts and now we have a lot more plans for the future! Durability and the environment are very important factors because we care a lot about it. Personally I also think it’s very important to know your ‘why’ for your business (what < why). I also sell on events and fairs. The signature style of Brainfog? I like to work with a lot of colors and textures and I want the products to be accessible to anyone.

“I find it important to have a good ‘why’ for your business. The reason why durability is so important to us.”

Do you think the combination of working and going to school enhances each other or is it the other way around?

I chose to do this course because of Brainfog, so it really helps a lot. I learn a lot about marketing and next year I’ll do the ‘small business project’ where I’ll learn everything about how you run a business. It’s all connected very well.

Did being a student entrepreneur look like the most evident choice to you?

When I looked further into it it seemed like a very good chance for me to take. You can learn a lot at school and in the meantime you can work on building your own brand. Making mistakes as a student entrepreneur is a lot more forgiving.

Do you sometimes have doubt about being a student entrepreneur?

Sometimes I wish I had more time for Brainfog and then I don’t want to put as much time into school. But the classes really help me to develop my brand. I can’t really think of other disadvantages.

Which good experiences have you encountered thanks to this choice?

You’re not financially dependent on your business yet and in the beginning you’re allowed to earn a bit less. Your parents also still get child benefit. Actually, not in my case, because I’ve been working a lot at another job. However, it’s not your main activity so there’s (fortunately) enough room to experiment.

Are there steps in the process of becoming a student entrepreneur you’d like to change?

I’ll admit I’m a bit clumsy when talk about that kind of stuff. But hey, my registration went very easy! I asked for a VAT- and company number and then I had to answer some pretty easy questions. I asked for a new account at the bank and that went very well. Now I mainly get letters about paying the bills (laughs). Good to know: Since September last year you don’t need a certificate in business management to start as a student entrepreneur. That was really positive for me!

What are your plans for the future? Personally and for Brainfog?

In 1,5 years I’ll be done going to school. After that I hope to get a parttime job as a designer in a nice company. I’d like to fill the other half of my time by working for Brainfog. Everything’s depending on how my company will grow of course.

Honestly? I want to be realistic but I’m also incredibly ambitious! At this moment I’m busy reaching my target audience so we can do better sales. I’m planning a crowdfunding during this summer. In the future I’d like to work on a baby/childrens’ collection (including reusable diapers). I’m also thinking about illustrating a childrens’ book. Let’s hope everything goes well!

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