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Hello everyone! Today I’m back with another blogpost. I’ll talk a bit about the projects and products we’re working on, what we are doing for Brainfog and some other exciting stuff. You can watch this video if you dislike reading:

I (Eva) graduated from Devine, better known as digital design and development, after four and a half years! It were some really stressful years but I altogheter learned so much and now I feel like I’m a real designer. I work at Canyon Clan as a graphic designer and illustrator. Canyon Clan is a super cool gamification startup, I’m excited to be the person to help them with their design problems. I also follow lessons on business management in the meantime.

Together with Yellow Days, we are working on enamel pins!
We designed the pin (I won’t show the pin just yet, so it will be a surprise) and the girl from Yellow Days will also sell a few on her webshop. We’ll keep you updated on our Instagram page and we’ll also show them in an upcoming Youtube video. We can give a hint tho: it’s super cute. If these pins are a succes we’ll probably work on a second pin as well!

We’re also working on another mystery product with another small company. Weʼll announce this soon (weʼre so excited), but for now we can give you two hints on the product: the product is designed for children and
it is reusable.

We want to improve our Youtube content and put more effort in filming and editing, but this will probably lead to less uploads (now we tried uploading every week). We have a busy schedule lately but we still want to work on creative content.

At last I (Eva) joined the Make It Happen Movement, thiss is a group for people running indie businesses. I really look forward to meet the other shop owners and to learn a lot more about how to improve our own business.

Here are some images of products we’re working on:



That was it for today, see you next time! Byeee!

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