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Overview of 2018 | what did we achieve?

Hello everyone! Because a lot of people are doing a throwback in their Instagram stories I checked mine and got inspired to write this post. I’ll give a small recap of the most important things we’ve achieved in 2018.

You can start of with this Youtube video I made a week ago, talking about my achievements and goals for next year:


But there are some things I didn’t mention in the video that I’m proud of anyways, so I’ll write everything down for you. Disclaimer: I = Eva, we = both of us.

– We started selling our first products on Bigcartel. Back in the days I didn’t really have a theme for Brainfog. I just illustrated what I liked and ordered some prints and stickers of my designs to sell online. This however didn’t go as successful as I planned, because there were almost no sales in the beginning (which is normal of course).

– We had a very simple (mainly portfolio) site with a link to our Bigcartel. It was during spring that I made a whole new website with WordPress that included a built in shop, blog, portfolio and more!

Brainfog studio | Illustration and Design


– Something fun we did was bookbinding our first portfolio (and we did so much other DIY’s over at our Youtube channel):


– We almost doubled in followers on Instagram during 2018! Current count: 380.


– I did a successful internship at Designregio Kortrijk.


– I became an aunt again in June and I decided I also wanted to design/illustrate for children.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


– We tried screen printing for the first time. At first we had a lot of difficulties and I didn’t think we would be in time for our event (which I’ll talk about later on). We got the hang of it just in time! It was so satisfying to see my designs on actual clothing items.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


– I did a very nice student job in Brussels during the summer of 2018. I was responsible for the design/illustrations of a web application. I had a lot of fun illustrating and animating for presentation purposes.

Brainfog studio | Illustration & Design Portfolio


– In the end of the Summer I bought myself a Renewd iPad. This definitely was the best buy of 2018! It really helped me develop my style. Next image was my first creation with the iPad:

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


– Our event took place during September. We wanted to have our own pop-up store and offer the visitors something to eat and drink. You can read more about it here.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


– Afterwards we ‘self-published’ our first zine ‘Brainfog’s Vrolijke plaatjes’ which included several illustrations I made during the year.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


– I started a new study course: Network Economy.


– I did my last assignments for my main study course at school! If you’re interested, you can see the result of one assignment here.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


– We did our first project/collaboration for charity. We made soap and sold them for Ecoduikers vzw. You can read some information here.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


– We had our first exhibition in Ghent (De Kotroute)!

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


That was everything for 2018. Now we are ready for an even better 2019. Thank you all so much for your support!
See you next time!


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