September 2018 | Our Event and Charity

Hello everyone! It’s time for a monthly blogpost. It’s been an amazing and busy month and I’m excited to share what we’ve been up to. I’ll give a small review about our Upcycle Opening Event, talk about our webshop (that has been launched recently) and give some sneak peeks of our soap project for charity.

Our event

Our event took place on the 15th of september, in a youth center in Lochristi. We arrived in the morning to set up everything and to make sure everything was perfect for the event. We provided snacks and drinks for the visitors (everything was vegan of course!). A lot of our friends and family came to see what we’ve been working on for the past couple of months. It almost felt like a birthday party! If you want to read more about the event, you can visit our portfolio entry here.


Our webshop

Our webshop recently launched, which means anyone living on earth can buy the stuff we created!We created our own project shots in our garden (let us know if you’d like some tips about taking product shots) and edited them ourselves.

De Warmste Zeep

For this year’s Music for Life we’re participating by selling our own soap! We’ll be offering gingerbread, pine and lavender soap. We’ll donate the profit to Ecoduikers vzw, an organization with volunteers that clean up the ocean. I’m working together with Karina from Our Eco Lifestyle, who is experienced in making her own soap. I’ll be responsible for the design and the sale of these soaps. I can give you a sneak peek of the design for the packaging of our gingerbread soap:

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design

Start of school

At the end of September it was time for me to go back to school, as I’m still going to be studying for two extra years. I have some programming classes (when that’s done I get my diploma design and development), combined with some classes for network economy. I’m participating their start-up school, so I’ll get a certificate in two more years. To start I’m only taking one class, which teaches us about building our own brand, portfolio, resume,… It seemed that I would learn some useful stuff to use in our company. Fingers crossed I’ll do well this year!

Instagram pic of the month

This October it’s time for another Try Vegan. They offer great meals and tips, so check out their campaign! I made an illustration around this topic because I also support eating less meat. Because the campaign takes place next month, I crown this illustration “Instagram Picture of the Month”.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design

Other Youtuber I recommend

So I’ve been a fan of Furry Little Peach for a while now and I really enjoy her studio vlogs! Her style of illustration is very vibrant, playful and cute and it’s very interesting to follow her journey as an illustrator.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design

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